17 Simple Ways to Enhance the Patient Experience

17 Simple Ways to Enhance the Patient Experience

When you’re aiming to improve the patient experience at your practice, consider this analogy: Elevating the patient experience is akin to delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

Here are 17 strategies to enhance the patient experience:

  1. Minimize Specialist Wait Times: Address patients’ top complaint by establishing clear scheduling guidelines and providing timely updates.
  2. Express Concern for Their Symptoms: Encourage patients to share their concerns and questions on your website before their appointment to convey genuine care. EyeAppoint can help you gather this information through the online Scheduler & Patient Forms.
  3. Demonstrate Interest in the Patient Experience: Stand up and personally greet patients as they arrive, rather than having them fill out paperwork immediately. It is easier to achieve this when you have patients fill out paperwork before they arrive for the appointment.
  4. Start a Conversation with Patients and Caregivers: Engage patients in friendly conversations to build a more personal rapport.
  5. Make the Patient Feel Comfortable: Assist patients in getting comfortable by showing them essential amenities like coat racks, refreshments, and reading materials.
  6. Create a Comfortable Waiting Area: Evaluate the ambiance of your waiting area and make it welcoming and comfortable.
  7. Minimize Bureaucracy: Streamline the paperwork process by reducing redundant requests for information and switching to digital systems.
  8. Help the Patient Complete Paperwork: Offer assistance to patients completing paperwork and provide information about their upcoming visit.
  9. Manage Patient Expectations: Clearly outline the patient’s upcoming experience and expected wait times to minimize uncertainty.
  10. Make the Patient Feel Important: Foster a sense of importance by sitting down and taking time to listen to the patient.
  11. Demonstrate Empathy: Show empathy and care toward patients to build stronger relationships.
  12. Include Caretakers in the Discussion: Involve caretakers with the patient’s consent to ensure a smoother post-examination discussion.
  13. Demonstrate Care for Health: Prioritize cleanliness and hygiene to reflect genuine concern for patient well-being.
  14. Look Them in the Eyes: Maintain eye contact to convey attentiveness and avoid making patients feel rushed.
  15. Connect Personally: Establish a personal connection with patients through gentle physical gestures and inquiries about their lives.
  16. End with Questions: Address any patient concerns and offer the opportunity for further discussion.
  17. Transform Patients Into Raving Fans: Conclude the visit with a personal touch, providing a summary of their visit and inviting feedback and contact information for positive experiences.

Providing an exceptional patient experience mirrors the hospitality you’d extend to a friend visiting your home. By implementing these simple steps, you can differentiate your practice from others and create passionate advocates. When you introduce technology and automation into your practice you may worry you are losing this personal touch. At EyeAppoint our goal is to free up more of your team’s time to improve the opportunities for personal connection with patients.