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When you refer a new office to us you can choose from three great incentives!
When you refer a new office to us, you can receive $100 off your next month’s bill OR $200 towards a new EyeAppoint service!

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Some services you could try out FREE with your rewards

Google Reviews are a big deal when potential patients are looking for their new eye doctor! Harness the power of your existing happy patients with Google Reviews & Surveys.

With EyeAppoint, scheduling appointments has never been this easy and we integrate that with our patient portal which makes it easier for you to setup appointment reminders and surveys.

With EyeAppoint, ordering products like contact lenses have never been so easy with approved distributors like WVA and OOGP. All of this is managed by us which means that you can focus more on your patients.

Texting is the new frontier in patient communication. Enjoy two-way texting with EyeAppoint Chat. Staff can text in real time with patients to update insurance, confirm appointments, fill cancellation spots and much more. EyeAppoint Chat includes unlimited messages, seamless EHR integration, and a free desktop application.

This is where it all starts. We fully customize your website to reflect your personality and how you want your patients to perceive you. We design your website with Search Engine Optimization in mind at the beginning. EyeAppoint makes sure your specific keywords are already in place. Each page is filled with interactive tools and current articles that keep your site relevant and engaging for your patients.

This is the lifeline of your digital marketing. Period. Once your SEO blooms into full maturity, you will keep on enjoying it. Advanced SEO is a long-term investment focused on improving your ranking when potential patients search for eye doctors. Why is this important? Because the top 3 organic listings on Google’s first page of search results receives 61.5% of all traffic which increases your potential for conversion. At EyeAppoint, we get you to the top of the page at the quickest possible time and keep you there.

Simply put, EyeAppoint will make you visible on the map and make sure you get the traffic that will increase your number of new patients. This is a commonly overlooked fact but if implemented well would lead to significant increase in new patients. Ranking high up in Google Maps beats out the organic position because it gets shown above the organic search results. People go to book an appointment with the office that is easy to locate with map directions.

EyeAppoint will make sure that you are visible in the major social media networks. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We use social media as a leverage so that your website will be targeted properly. Blog creation and maintenance is effectively implemented to your business’ social media visibility.

This is the most accountable form of advertising. You can do this immediately and start seeing results in as soon as 24 hours or less. This is easy to manage since you only pay for an ad when it is clicked. This makes it easy to monitor and manage costs and conversions. EyeAppoint makes sure that your Paid Ads are targeted at the right people and conversions are high.

This is not just for the “young” audience anymore. Look around you and see that 81% of mobile users use SMS. Everyone uses it! This is evidenced in the fact that many large, well-known brands are using SMS technology to market their products and services. EyeAppoint’s Patient Notifications has your millenials covered and attracts them to choose you.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then videos can do more than a thousand. People love watching online videos. This is evident in the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. With EyeAppoint’s Video Marketing, you are better able to convey your message to your patients as you would in person.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

There is no limit! Keep referring to keep gaining rewards.

We love it when clients discover a new service they love! You can try out a new service at the contracted rate for two months free! If you want to cancel the service after that time is up — no problem! There are no cancellation fees. If you love your new service, we can add it to your account at the contracted rate without extending your contract length. Win win!

Make sure the office or doctor you refer uses your name when they sign up with EyeAppoint. As soon as they sign their paperwork, you’ll receive an email notification with instructions on claiming your reward! 

Referral rewards are only distributed if the new client signs a 12-month contract (month-to-month is excluded). Otherwise double check with your referee to ensure they listed you on their paperwork!

Referrals must sign a 12-month contract for offer to be valid. Reward availability remains at the discretion of the Business Manager and EyeAppoint.
*The 13th month free incentive for referrals only includes services that were started within the first 6 months of service.
**The “2 Months Free Trial” for referrals can be started only after 6 months of continual service.

Start Receiving Incentives Today!

When you refer a new office to us you can choose from three great incentives!

For Referring Clients

For Referrals