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EyeAppoint is the optimal all-in-one solution to delivering real automation, clear interfaces, and customizable solutions to Attract, Engage, and Retain patients.

Attract more patients through a sleek website designed to increase ranking and facilitate sales. Effortlessly engage with new and existing patients via self-serve scheduling, automated reminders, email & text marketing, and so much more. 

Once you earn the business of a patient, EyeAppoint will help you retain their loyalty by understanding their experience and encouraging repeat business.


  • For those that have Compulink EHR and Weave, you know that Weave doesn't communicate with Compulink for your online appointment scheduler.  I love weave for all its features except this.  I now use a separate company just for my online scheduler and it communicates excellent with Compulink EHR!!!!  Its called EyeAppoint.  I love their EXCELLENT customer service.  They go above and beyond to make sure you are happy and it works well.  I had Solution Reach in the past as well and they would have you on hold for over 45 minutes just to speak with someone.  Once they were on the line, I could barely understand them due to the heavy accents and would be told that they could schedule an appt with a tech support in 2 days since the people answering the phones were not knowledgeable in those issues.  Eye Appoint has been very easy to contact, all employees are based in the US, and fixes the problem in minutes!   I would highly recommend them.
    Lara Umemoto, OD
    Santa Clarita Vision Center
  • Sight on Site Optometrists
    I love how EyeAppoint has been able to be a complete software solution for my company. They built my website and integrated a custom scheduler with my EHR, Revolution. I needed a custom scheduler because I have specific scheduling options for my business clients. No one else was able to create the customization I needed and have it integrate with Revolution. EyeAppoint  said they could and they delivered. On top of that, they also offer online patient forms and communication. What I love is that I have full control of the patient communication options in my EyeAppoint dashboard. In my dashboard, I can view scheduled appointments, check out patient forms, and check on my contact lens orders. I have had a lot of custom requests and EyeAppoint has never said they couldn't do it. I highly recommend EyeAppoint to all Optometry practices.
    Sight on Site Optometrists
  • Dr. Forrest
    The appointment scheduler is great because you are able to customize anything you like.  You can change any verbiage, layout, scheduling preferred times by insurance or patient type.  The recall is just as helpful, based on your preferences of how far back you want to recall and frequency.  In addition, the bidirectional syncing with our EHR is near perfect, with little to no delay.  This is unlike other competitors we have tried.  There is also the ability to provide forms for intake before arrival.  Overall, we would highly recommend the program.
    Dr. Forrest
  • “I am always grateful to have EyeAppoint’s services running in the background, particularly with our website. Our website is optimized for web searches and is easy for our patients to navigate--with virtually no work on our part. EyeAppoint’s team fully manages it, leaving us time to focus on providing the best care for our patients.”
  • Always up for implementing my ideas. Prompt when something isn't working properly.
  • Easy to implement and use, works great with our EHR. Best part is how wonderful the EyeAppoint team is.
  • Super sweet, helpful, and accommodating of our office needs!
  • Great customer service.