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Web Presence Analysis

SEO evaluation

for your site and of your top competitors

Keyword analysis

where you’re winning and what you’re missing

How effective is your social media

and how it can improve

Competitor analysis

that includes a full market landscape and indicates why some outrank you

Implementation plan

to improve your overall web performance from customer engagement to conversion

Local Maps and Reputation Optimization

Simply put, EyeAppoint will make you visible on the map and make sure you get the traffic that will increase your number of new patients. This is a commonly overlooked fact but if implemented well would lead to significant increase in new patients. Ranking high up in Google Maps beats out the organic position because it gets shown above the organic search results. People go to book an appointment with the office that is easy to locate with map directions.
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Online Business Directory Alignment

Did you know your practice Name Address & Phone (NAP) is posted on hundreds of directories throughout the internet? Many of these you’ve never even heard of, but Google pays attention to them. If your NAP isn’t in all in alignment with your Google My Business page you run the risk that Google will not list you very high in the maps. This service will ensure your NAP is aligned across the major directories. Just this one tactic can increase your visibility and ensure your information is accurate online.

Email Campaigns

Do you need to send out a message to all patients? Maybe a COVID-19 update from your practice?  Our system allows you to send to 1 or all patients.
Are you moving locations, opening a new location or promoting a special product? What better way to notify all your patients with a click of a button.

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2-Way Text Patient Communication

This is not just for the “young” audience anymore. Look around you and see that 81% of mobile users use SMS. Everyone uses it! This is evidenced in the fact that many large, well-known brands are using SMS technology to market their products and services. EyeAppoint’s Patient Notifications has your millenials covered and attracts them to choose you.


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