Patient Engagement and Communication

Patient Engagement and Communication

This is not just for the "young" audience anymore. Look around you and see that 81% of mobile users use SMS. Everyone uses it! This is evidenced in the fact that many large, well-known brands are using SMS technology to market their products and services. EyeAppoint's Patient Notifications has your millenials covered and attracts them to choose you.

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Appointment Reminders

By email, text or voice message, you can remind patients about their appointments and receive confirmations that they plan to come in. These automatic reminders and confirmations make sure your patients remember their appointments – and show up!

Missed Appointment Notices

It happens. Patients miss their appointment for some reason. Send out a friendly reminders that they have missed their appointment. Give them the opportunity to reschedule. EyeAppoint can automatically send out a text, email or voice message to those patients.

Annual Recalls

Get patients in more frequently with automatic recalls. EyeAppoint uses the actual recall date for a patient in your practice management software and automatically send a recall email, phone call or text message.


Keep your patients happy! After each visit, send out our thank-you email, which includes a link to a satisfaction survey. You'll find out what your patients like most about your practice – and what you can do to improve.

Marketing Campaigns - Text and Email

Do you need to send out message to all patients in your practice. Our system allows you to send to 1 or all patients.

Are you moving locations, opening a new branch or promoting a special or product. What better way to notify all your patients with a click of a button.

Survey Reports

Whether you're collecting on overdue accounts, reminding customers or patients of appointments or simply spreading the word about new products or services, your success is directly tied to how many customers you're able to reach.

Reduce Cost
relieve overburdened staff of mundane duties and allow them to focus on THE PATIENT
Streamline Collection
EyeAppoint consistently decreases aging reports. Practices have a 4x greater success rate than collection agencies
Increase Revenue
by delivering notifications in a timely and consistent manner, any missed sale opportunity is decreased
Reduce No Shows
Real time integration is proven to reduce the number of cancellations and No-Shows giving your staff time to focus on the patient.
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