Patient Forms

The EyeAppoint Patient Forms is a 100% customizable solution that allow you to create any form that your patients need to fill out or sign.

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Are you having challenges getting your patients to complete their forms before their exams? Do you need a solution that will integrate with your EHR and populate the forms correctly? Well look no further.


Whether you need your patients to sign an OPTOMAP RETINAL SCREENING, DILATION CONSENT, or HIPAA consent form, EyeAppoint can send it directly to your patient. All forms are mobile friendly and can be signed directly from the device. With our intelligent technology, EyeAppoint can determine if a patient hasn’t completed their forms prior to their appointment and will gently remind them to do so. Our tracking software can also determine what percentage is complete.

Fully Customizable

Send us your forms and we will create seamless online forms that your patients can fill out.

Secure and Reliable

All of our forms are HIPAA compliant and secure to give you peace of mind.

Real-Time Syncing

Increase accuracy in your office with EyeAppoint real-time appointment syncing with your EHR.

Intelligent Technology

It happens. Patients sometimes forget to fill out their forms. No worries. EyeAppoint can identify those patients and send gentle reminders if a form needs to be completed.