Win Later Sweepstakes

Win Later Sweepstakes

Official Rules


Referrals: New clients that are directed to EyeAppoint services outside of an organized event such as but not limited to Expos, Annual Meetings, and Webinars.

Referring Clients: Current clients of EyeAppoint that have active services. Services must be active before a referral books their demonstration.

Parties: The referring client and the referral.

Third Party Partners: Vendors or businesses that do utilize EyeAppoint services to provide direct to consumer sales or service.

Business Owner: The individual(s) who own and operate the Referral business and are the beneficiary of business profits.

Business Owner Representative: The individual(s) entrusted to make business decisions and act on behalf of the Business Owner. Such as but not limited to manager or administrator.

Sweepstakes Official Rules

Sweepstakes Duration

Entry into the sweepstakes opens January 1, 2024, and entries may be made until December 31, 2024.


Winners will receive four tickets to a cruise of their choice. Options for the cruise liners are Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Princess Cruise. Options for cruise destinations are the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or Alaska. In addition to the cruise tickets winners will receive a travel voucher to be used at their discretion.

Winners are responsible for all associated tax implications and additional charges such as but not limited to excursions, food & drinks, shows, or other travel expenses not included in the cruise fair or by the travel voucher. Each ticket has an approximate value of $1,000.00 and each travel voucher will be $500.00. The total approximate value of the four tickets and four travel vouchers will be $6,000.00.


The Referring Client and Referral are the winners of this sweepstakes together. When a referral starts services their business name will be paired with the referring client business name and entered into the drawing. Each business will be able to send one individual from their business on the cruise. The selection of this individual is at the discretion of the Business Owner. The selected individual may select one additional person to attend with them.

Winner Selection

Winners will be selected and notified on January 2, 2025. They will be notified via phone and email. The parties will have until January 31, 2025, to accept. If not accepted by the deadline or one of the parties declines acceptance a new selection will be made until the parties accept.

Cruise Dates

Depending on the cruise liner and cruise destination the cruise will occur on a selected date between June and July 2025.


Referral clients may enter the sweepstakes with no purchase necessary by participating in a minimum 15-minute demonstration, with the business owner or their representative present, discussing at minimum one service that EyeAppoint provides. From this demonstration the parties will receive one entry into the drawing. If a referring client decides to make a purchase the parties will receive an additional 20 entries. Referrals or referring clients may enter for a single entry by filling out the Win Later Sweepstakes Entry Form. Entry forms may be requested by contacting EyeAppoint through our website.

Winning Odds

The odds of winning this sweepstakes depend on the number of entries a referral or referring client has in the drawing. The more entries the higher the likelihood of winning.


  1. There are no limits to the number of Referrals a Referring Client can make.
  2. Any Referring client may begin referring as of the start date on their executed order.
  3. Referring Clients attending the same organized event as the Referral will not be eligible for the sweepstakes unless three months have passed from the start of the event.
  4. This sweepstakes is void where prohibited by law. Businesses in New York, Rhode Island, Florida, and Canada may not participate in the sweepstakes.
  5. You must be over 18 years old to be eligible to participate. Winners must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  6. Referrals and Referring Clients may only receive one entry via a demo or through submitting the Win Later Sweepstakes Entry Form with no purchase necessary. If the entry form is not fully completed or the data is invalid the entry will be void. Several individuals from the same referral business attending different demos may not earn the company additional entries. Entries are based on the business not the individual.
  7. The Referral and Referring Client may book using the same cruise liner and cruise destination, but it is not required. The plus one for each party must attend the same cruise as the corresponding referral or referring client inviting them.
  8. Third party partners are not eligible to participate in the Referral Program.
  9. EyeAppoint is the sponsor of this sweepstakes. P.O. Box 45548 Boise, ID 83711